Kvě 192020

Hi all MDOS3 fans,

There is a new version of BOOTLOADER. This is completly created by UB880D. It’s designed as a parser of common text configuration files. There are two menus, primary menu is list of main systems for divIDE and second menu is the rest of systems and games for divIDE, like AzoraDOS and Coloristic.

I made small change in MDOS3. I moved divIDE LOGO from EEPROM to bank 2 and it is displayes during reset in MAPRAM mode

Download all on the special page:MDOS3 Download

  2 komentáře na “New BOOTLOADER for MDOS3”

  1. Hned som si to musel naflashovat 😉 a musim uznat, ze je to pecka.

  2. Ten AzoraDOS je vtipnej 😀

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